I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen ~ Revelation 1:18

Easter Resolution

Hollow chocolate bunnies have filled little tummies. Easter dresses have been neatly hung in closets and empty plastic eggs have been placed in the trash. Neckties that were taken off and thrown in the backseat as soon as church services ended have been retrieved by wives and mothers and neatly packed away with memories of how nice everyone in the family looked today. Yes, Easter with all its bunnies and candy eggs has ended.

Just as Christmas is not about Santa, Easter is definitely not about bunnies, but on the way to church I did hear a funny bunny joke on the radio, I'd like to share. It seems a lady stopped to let "The Easter Bunny" cross at the intersection. To her horror a man in a pickup didn't stop, but speeded up, running over the poor bunny purposely, killing him dead. The lady grabbed a can of spray from her purse and ran to spray it on the bunny while the man watched. To his amazement, the bunny got up and hopped away continually waving as he went. The man said, "Hey Lady, what is it in that can?" She said, "Oh it is just 'hare spray' - It said on the can 'Spray to bring dead hare back to life and bring about a permanent wave.' "

Ok, so I know you don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but you do believe in laughing, don't you?

The joke did make me laugh as well as think and reflect a lot on death and life; not of bunnies, but of humans.

Time passes by. Days come and go one right after the other. It seems Easter ended almost as quickly as it began. So much work went into preparing for a couple of hours but just think of all that was accomplished. No, I am not talking about the joy of finding the golden egg with the prize inside, or even the pleasure of perfect family pictures that were taken. I am talking about the body of Christ everywhere coming together in celebration of the most magnificent event that has ever taken place. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive forevermore. He came back to life, without the assistance of any human. He rose from the grave to live forever and offers the gift of eternal life to all (even men in pickups who run over rabbits on purpose) who believe in Him and accept the gift.

Time is short and all our days do pass quickly don't they? Easter and all holidays help us make many memories to cherish. When Christmas ends the Santa hubba blubba is packed away and humans immediately go into New Year resolution mode. This helps to take the edge off the sudden end of Christmas festivities. We all resolve to do good things in the coming year and forget all about Christmas. But alas, we don't always follow through and by the time Easter arrives many resolutions made to help us forget have been forgotten. 

So this year as Easter ends, I suggest Easter Resolutions which could just start a revolution in your life.  On Easter, we celebrated the fact that JESUS IS ALIVE! Notice the word "is." He is alive every day, not just on Easter, not just on Christmas, but every day of the year. Resolve to celebrate that fact every day of your life. How can we be so down, when we know Jesus is up? Just thinking about it will make you smile, and possibly even laugh a little. You do believe in laughing, don't you? Don't forget your Easter resolution; let it be the beginning of a life-changing revolution every day.