Get Smart
Did you know the original cell phone was a smartphone? Well, actually it was a phone hidden in the sole of secret agent Maxwell Smart's shoe on the popular TV show Get Smart that aired in the mid-'60s. Don Adams who played Agent 86 once said, "I get so tired of people asking me to take my shoe off and give them a call, or even worse in restaurants people actually take off their shoes and have the waitress bring them to my table in the middle of my meal to have me autograph them. How rude!" Like it or not the "sole phone" made Don Adams very famous and very rich. I wonder what Mr. Adams would think of the cell phone frenzy that has taken over our culture wherever we may be.
Cell phone chatter in public is aggravating and rude. Sometimes I think cell phones should be banned from restaurants, stores, and all public places. But we people love to chat. Without talk, our lives would get to be pretty boring pretty quickly.
This reminds me of a poem from my mother...
If my cat and I could chat
I'd say I sure would hate to be a cat,
But if my cat could start conversing,
It might say, I sure would hate to be a person.
Come to think about it, cats don't have cell phones and they seem purrrfectly content most days. :-)
Remember words are a gift that God chose to give humans, not cats. Words are powerful tools that can build up or destroy. This is why it is so important when we open our mouths that we think first.
Get Smart.
Proverbs 14:23 declares that idle chatter leads to poverty. Wow!
And one of my favorite "word verses" from God's Word...
This is how GOD answered me: "Take back those words, and I'll take you back. Then you'll stand tall before me. Use words truly and well. Don't stoop to cheap whining. Then, but only then, you'll speak for me. Let your words change them. Don't change your words to suit them.
~Jeremiah 15:19
Get off the phone and let your light shine this week.