Safe Where You Are


I often speak of the fear I once had of storms. The fear was very real, but to think back on some of the crazy things I did when I ran from storms usually always brings a smile. I often put myself in more danger running from the storm than I would have been in if I had just stayed put. Many wise people told me this, but the fear that gripped me spoke louder than reason. No matter how many times I was told it wasn't safe to drive, I drove to find a safe shelter from the storm. Hours upon hours were spent in storm shelters at various places. Some were safe and some not so much. I can remember hearing the thunder boom and seeing the lightning flash all-around at one very old underground doorless storm house in the woods. The torrential rains poured in while I sat holding a candle crouched in the corner among the crickets and cobwebs singing "Amazing Grace." It is amazing that God was with me and kept me safe through it all.


I remember the quite that would come when the storm ended. The lighting and thunder would cease as the rain slowed to a drizzle, then to nothing. I would get my courage up, take my candle or flashlight, and wade inches of water and mud back to my car parked on the road and drive home. My house was always still there just like I left it, nice and dry like I would have been if I had stayed put. As I dried off and sat down to check the weather radar on TV, just to make sure all was well, I sometimes wondered what it would have been like to have stayed home during the storm.


Years later I found to feel safe right where you are in the middle of a storm is a great feeling.

My favorite verse will always be Mark 4:39. And He arose and rebuked the wind, and spoke unto the sea, Peace be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. I feel this is what Jesus did in my life when I surrendered my fear of storms to Him. He will do this for anyone who trusts in Him and believes that He can bring peace and calm.


I believe that God keeps us safe through emotional storms and upheaval that happens in our everyday lives as well. When chaos is churning all around, God can keep us safe right where we are. God can make our homes places of peace and safety for us, no matter what is trying to come against us.


Find your peace and calm through Him. Hold on to Him and He will light a candle in your darkest moment.  Don't ever leave the safety of God's loving arms in search of shelter elsewhere. Stay put. Stand your ground. He is your shelter.  God's amazing grace is sufficient even when the storms of life rage.