And a harvest of righteousness is sown in
peace by those who make peace.
~James 3:18


Seeking Peace Pursuing Peace
Peace is one of those words we hear a lot and even say a lot without thinking about what it really is, or sometimes without believing it will actually happen. We are called to be peacemakers. Romans 12:18 tells us " If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men." If it be possible is the catchphrase here, all things are possible through Christ, but some people do make it very hard to live with them peaceably. Psalm 34: 14 reminds us to stay away from evil things and to seek peace and pursue it. Avoiding evil things is sometimes easier than finding peace. Even if we completely isolate ourselves from all the evil in the world, there is no guarantee we will have total peace. Step one is avoiding evil. Step two is seeking peace. Step three is pursuing it. There is a bit of a difference in seeking and pursuing. Seek is defined as to go in search for. Pursue means to follow and overtake. Therefore, we must first go and find where peace is, and when we find it we are to follow it - chase after it, in an effort to overtake it.
How much time is spent every day by people looking to find the place where peace might be? How many actually find it? Yes, many things can be found that bring temporary reprieve and satisfaction, but not permanent peace. True peace can only be found in Jesus Christ who gives a peace so great that it can not be understood by the human mind.
Peace is something I have been in search of for a while in various situations in my life. There has been prayer after prayer for peace. I have had the head knowledge for a while that the path to peace is Jesus. He has given me peace in many things, but there are some things that are still chaotic in my life. I have often wondered why that is. Why is it that when I pray the whole situation that I am praying about is not taken care of immediately?
As I read about seeking and pursuing today I understood peace more clearly.
In seeking peace for every situation I must find Jesus for that particular situation. After I find Him I must chase after Him no matter where I am, or what I am doing, or what dilemma, devastation, or devilment I find myself presently in. I must constantly pursue Jesus and His peace always. Once I find Him I overtake Him and allow His peace to wash over me and fill me. The situation may not change one bit, but with His peace filling me all is well. His peace does not bring an immediate end to all my problems but does make it possible for me to persevere peacefully.
Yes, I know Jesus. He lives in my heart. But there must be a constant seeking and pursuing of His peace.
Last week a situation that has gone on for years and years once again reared its ugly evil head. This situation would normally have caused me much distress. The avoidance of this evil is next to impossible. Even so, to my surprise, I sat peacefully while the storm raged all around me. I didn't even seem to hear it. I had prayed and prayed and knew Jesus was the place to find peace for even this. When I finally caught hold of the idea without a doubt that it was time for peace to come in this area, I pursued it and overtook it and hung on to it very tightly.
No matter how many years you have known Jesus, there is always room for more of Him in your heart. There is always an area that you could use the peace in that only comes from Him. Once you find it, chase after it, overtake it, and never let go.
Seek peace constantly. Pursue it prayerfully. Have peace permanently.