We have not received the spirit of the world

but the Spirit who is from God,

that we may understand what God has freely given us.
 ~I Corinthians 2:12


Shock and Awe
Shock and awe is a military tactic to have dominance over the opposition rapidly using spectacular displays of force, The massive maneuvers are shocking and leave one awestruck. The phrase has crossed over into our everyday lives and is used quite often to describe everything from fireworks displays to musical stage shows. However to find something that will truly shock and bring awe to most in this country is not easy anymore. After being shocked and awed by one fireworks show or one stage show, the second go-round is never quite as exciting. It seems people are always searching for something even more shocking.
The good wholesome things in our world seem to be losing ground rapidly as evil things using spectacular displays of force constantly gain more ground. Things that once seemed horrific to the general public, are now just part of the norm.  Evil seems to be oozing and creeping into every area of life quickly. A few weeks ago there was a news story of some children who were murdered. The murderer was caught and the story and those children's evil murder was soon forgotten by most. Shocking stories such as the murders keep the attention of the world for only a little while. For murders, even of children, aren't really that surprising to us anymore. Think of all the children murdered by abortion every day. Those murders bring little shock and awe to today's world, simply acceptance. Where is the goodness that not so long ago ruled in this country?
On fb the other night a friend of mine posted this scripture. For I know that good itself does not dwell me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I can not carry it out. ~ Romans 7:18 Would you believe someone right here in our little town in the Bible Belt posted an opposition to the scripture. This guy seemed to think that Paul had made a mistake when he wrote this and if he had been given the opportunity would have retracted this verse from his writing. He used this verse as a launching pad to go into a lengthy argument that much good can be done without Christ. The facebooker went on to say when you" think outside the Bible" you can learn a lot. He finished up his debate by saying he "learned" from a "preacher" when he was a teenager there is no physical hell, nor Heaven and this seemed to make his life a lot easier.
Yes, we are told if we know to do good and do it not it is sin, but we are also told all our righteousness is as filthy rags. The good things that we know to do are done through Christ living in us. Without Him we are nothing. Without Him, there is nothing in us that is shocked when we hear of evil. Without God's Spirit dwelling within us, evil would be accepted as the norm. Goodness would be defeated. The enemy who prowls about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy would have victory.
Thank God we know satan will not be victorious. Good will triumph over evil. satan will be cast into hell, a very real place. Those who have accepted Christ and His salvation will one day hear, "Well done, my GOOD and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.' In that day we will be called good, but it is the goodness of the Spirit of God within us that will carry us through to that glorious day when we will see Heaven.
May we be ever watchful for the spirit of the world and that of our flesh, trying to defeat the Spirit of God freely given that lives within us. May we always be in awe of the fact and never forget that Jesus Christ was brutally murdered by man, but rose again and lovingly saves all who come to Him believing and accepting His shed blood for the remission of sin.