A soft answer turneth away wrath:

but grievous words stir up anger.

Proverbs 15:1


Yesterday was the fifth Mother's Day since my mother passed away.  Special days always bring back happy memories of days gone by and even a few regrets of things I could have done differently. At work last night someone shared a story of how he had gone to his elderly mother's home early that morning and taken a gift. The two often disagree so he said he simply gave her a gift, said "Happy Mother's Day, I love you" and went out the door to avoid an argument. I wanted to tell him one day he would regret that he hadn't stayed awhile but didn't.
I tried to recall the last Mother's Day gift I gave my mother, but couldn't. I tried to recall the day, but couldn't. I knew for sure I had given her some type of gift and knew for sure I most likely had to exchange it later for her. I just couldn't ever get the gift thing right it seemed. I knew I had taken her breakfast that day as I did every day. Like Goldilocks, sometimes the breakfast was just right and sometimes it wasn't. I know we probably disagreed about something that day as we often did. Whatever she said, or I said that day I don't recall. All I know is that I would love to go back to that day and stay awhile. 
Stay Awhile
Five years ago on Mother's Day...
Well, it was just another day I guess you could say.
Biscuits from Hardee's were brought to your table.
We drank our coffee from cups with Hardee's labels.
You might have said, "These biscuits are just too brown!"
You might have said, "These biscuits are the best in town."
Five years later I don't really recall.
What we said then didn't seem to matter at all.
I gave you a gift of some kind or other.
I don't recall exactly what I gave you Mother.
I know you probably said it wouldn't fit just right.
Perhaps it was too dark, or maybe too light.
Whatever the case, in the end, you probably said, "Thanks a lot."
I most likely hugged your neck and said at least I hadn't forgot.
But now five years later what I'd give to go back to that day.
I'd mentally record every word you would say.
I'd stay a little longer still,
Hug you a little tighter for real,
Whatever I could do to make you smile,
That's what I'd do as I stayed awhile.